Strategically placed lighting not only affects the ambiance of your event but can be used to focus attention.


Bistro lights, sometimes called string lights, are another attractive option for weddings. We commonly hang bistro lights overhead to provide additional lighting or help shape and define areas around your wedding or reception. Nothing says get on the dance floor like having some cool overhead lighting. Popular places we see bistro lighting are:

  • under the ceremony arch,
  • on the ceiling of your ceremony venue,
  • draped at your cocktail hour,
  • or over reception tables, across pools, and over the dance floor.
Residential Bistro Lighting

Bistro Lights + Tree Wrap


We are committed to upholding the highest level of customer satisfaction in every lighting installation project and task we take on.

Uplighting AZ


Uplighting is an affordable way to transform a plain wedding hall into a whole new environment. Uplighting comes in any number colors allowing you to change a boring white wall in a beautiful column of light.

Whether you have a large venue or small, uplighting is a surefire way to enhance the mood of your wedding. We frequently use uplighting around reception halls, ballrooms, along passageways and behind cakes displays. These are just some common uplighting uses we see and encourage an onsite visit from one of our lighting designers to help bring out all the ideas!

Gobo Lighting AZ

Gobo Lights

Gobo lights are lights that can project images or patterns. Not only can you pull off some neat lighting effects with gobo lights, but at Hang’em High, we can even make you a custom gobo light. Whether you want a simple pattern to enhance your walls or dance floor, or something genuinely custom Hang’em High can get the job done.